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Peninsula Bank Holding Co. Releases First Quarter Results

Company Release - 4/23/2010 1:41 PM ET

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Peninsula Bank Holding Co., the parent company of The Private Bank of the Peninsula, today announced its unaudited results for the first quarter of 2010.

"We are very pleased to announce a profitable first quarter in 2010. This is a result of continuing improvements in our operations and solid management of our net interest margin," stated Chairman, Mark D. Mordell. "We continue with our plan to carefully grow loans, control expenses and maintain an appropriate level of loan loss reserves."

Financial Results

In thousands (unaudited)

                 3/31/10    3/31/09       % Change      12/31/09  % Change

Total Assets   $ 312,518  $ 277,795       12       %  $ 307,936   1        %

Loans          $ 201,139  $ 215,679       -7       %  $ 203,604   -1       %

Deposits       $ 282,132  $ 247,577       14       %  $ 278,318   1        %

Shareholders'  $ 28,540   $ 28,739        -1       %  $ 28,018    2        %

Common Shares    2,602      2,602         0        %    2,602     0        %

               Quarter    Quarter Ending

                 3/31/10    3/31/09

Net Income     $ 429      $ 342

(Loss) Per     $ 0.16     $ 0.13

"Although we are actively lending and have ample liquidity, we are being prudent in our underwriting of new loans. This and increased payoffs from an improving economy have caused a dip in our loan portfolio," said Kenneth D. Brenner, the Company's Chief Executive Officer. "The active maintenance of our net interest margin and ongoing program of expense control are continuing drivers of the Bank's profitability."

About the Bank

The Private Bank of the Peninsula, a subsidiary of Peninsula Bank Holding Co. (OTCBB:PBKH), is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The Private Bank focuses on the banking needs of businesses and individuals primarily in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. The Bank's experienced senior management team provides personalized, relationship-based service, giving clientele access to senior level decision-makers. The Bank specializes in the following markets: commercial & industrial, asset based, real estate construction, commercial real estate, and real estate bridge financing.

    Source: Peninsula Bank Holding Co.
Contact: Peninsula Bank Holding Co. Steve Leen, 650-843-2204 Chief Financial Officer